Audubon Studios

There are no limits! Growing from world class facilities such as Audubon Zoo and Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, the design team of Audubon Studios can create anything imaginable!

Our staff has over one hundred years of combined creative experience, and is able to custom build and shape an exhibit tailored to your specifications and needs. We are with you every step of the process, from concept design through fabrication and installation. Let us transform your vision into reality.

Recent Clients:

New Orleans Botanical Gardens

National Mississippi River Museum

Cincinnati Zoological

Brec's Baton Rouge Zoo

America's Wetlands Discovery Center

Atlantis Resort

Awards Night

Audubon Studios, in concert with Technifex, a world-class show and special effects producer, have jointly produced the Awards Night Theater. This sophisticated multi-sensory theater presentation is a
4-D experiential theater that pokes, prods, spritz's, buzzes and shakes guests while teaching them about the wonders of the insect world. The team of Audubon Studios and Technifex are able to create a 4-D experience for any venue, incorporating up to 13 distinct effects into each seat, as well as a multitude of overhead show and effects systems. From concept through film and hardware production, there is no more experienced team producing this type of attraction.

Let us create your awards show or any theme you can imagine! 4D theaters from 40 seats to over 600 seats!